Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Voices & Visions: Artists of Haiti

By Patricia Goodrich

Voices & Visions: Artists of Haiti presents the views of twenty-four contemporary Haitian artists, speaking about what inspires their work, as well as images of their paintings and sculpture, and an opportunity for the public to connect with the artists directly. The depth and diversity of Haitian art ranges from impressionist landscapes and surrealist portraits to Saint Soleil (voodoo) abstractions, from everyday life to earthquake upheaval.

The physical realization of Voices & Visions is a traveling exhibition of paintings by these Haitian artists. The exhibition strives to build an appreciation of contemporary visual arts rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Haiti, and to expand public perception of Haiti itself. Voices & Visions welcomes inquiries from community spaces, such as libraries, hospitals, and schools, as well as museums and galleries.

The photography and recording of the artists took place during the First and Second Atelier International d’Art Haiti in 2012 and 2013. These symposiums, organized by founder and president of Promart Haiti Patrick Cauvin, forged links between Haitian artists and artists from four continents.

Foremost, I am grateful to the artists who unreservedly entrusted me with their voices and their visions: Bob Bazil, Mario Calixte, Patrick Cauvin, Frantz Charlemagne, Jean-Claude Damas, Jackson Day, Melchiade Domond, Carl Sonel Dorsainvil, Gerald Dorvelus, Fernande Eliassaint, Veronica “Vicky” Frisch, Maxan Jean-Louis, Garry Laurent, “Levoy” Leroy Exil, Edouard Martial, Jean Mitho Merancien, Riboul Monfleury, Marie-Jose Nadal, “Payas” Pierre Sylvain Augustin, Jean Renel Pierre-Louis, “Ery” Eriveaux Prospere, Nesly Richard, Francois Rosemond, and “Asgard” Dimitri Wiener.

I extend appreciation to Patrick Cauvin, and the members and supporters of Promart Haiti who gave me the opportunity to participate in Promart's residencies. Special recognition is due Jean-Hugues Cauvin and Marilou Roy, who volunteered many hours listening and translating both Creole and French. I thank Margaret Burtis, webmaster, who, through her technical expertise, creativity, and patience, has constructed this installation, and, for that matter, my entire website.

Voices and Visions: Artists of Haiti is not about geography. It is about people who create, who transform their lives and the lives of others through their vision. I invite you to take part by communicating with these artists.


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